“This is a musical melting pot that’s boiling over with talent, cultural nuances and a lot of fun.” - Richard Davis - Car Kulture Deluxe

“The best party band in Los Angeles” - Glen Hirshberg - LA Weekly

“People were having fun, and I’m not talking about bob-your-head-and-look-cool fun. I’m talking pure, unbridled, I’ve-given-up-control-of-my-body-like-a-flailing-ragdoll fun. Real fun.” - Ben Salmon - The Bulletin

“It's the American Dream realized and, sentimentality aside, party bands don't get much better.” - Silke Tudor - SF Weekly

“Perhaps it’s the way the guys can pack a club dance floor... or the off-kilter banter that dominates the act - but there is a sense of showmanship that separates them from the pack.” - Randy Cordova - The Arizona Republic

“Wild, energetic, fun and entertaining are all undeniable understatements...” - Julie Glaser - Exponent

“Had the U.S.S.R. offered the free world rock and roll this sharp, satirical, and sexy, even the coldest Cold Warrior would’ve had to get out of the kitchen.” - Arsenio Orteza - Times of Arcadiana

“More irresistible than matryoshka dolls and more potent than a Molotov cocktail” - Jon Bream - Minneapolis Star Tribune

“One of the hottest, wackiest bands around” - Bliss - Pasadena Weekly

“If you feel your body start to shake uncontrollably with an insistent rhythm, don’t worry... it’s just the Elvises.” - Rick Gershman - The Navigator

“Show up and get ready to proclaim them 'your new favorite band'.”- Tyson Lynn - Nada Mucho

“Complete with conga lines and a five-man drum solo, Igor and the Red Elvises delivered the life-affirming fun fans have come to expect.” - Rachel Canales - Oregon Music News

“One of the best live music shows in Tucson” - Sean Fitzpatrick - Tucson Weekly